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UA officials adopted a “Pass/Pass D/No Credit” grading system for spring 2020 that allows students to request a grade change that will not count toward GPA after final grades are posted.

All undergraduates completing classes after March 12 can request to have their grade changed to either “Pass,” “Pass D” (PD) or “No Credit” (NC) after final grades are posted and before Oct. 1. The hours will still be recorded on students’ transcripts.

Undergraduates who receive a “C-” or better can request to have that changed to a “P.” If students earn a “D,” they can request a change to “Pass D” (PD) and receive credit but no GPA credit. Students can also request to change a “PD” to “No Credit” (NC). Letter grades of “F” will automatically change to “NC” and not count toward a student’s GPA or hours.

For graduate students, grades of “A,” “B” and “C” will be considered “Pass,” and “D” and “F” will be considered “No Credit” and will not count toward GPA, but hours earned with a “Pass” grade will count toward graduation.

The deadline to withdraw from classes with a “W” has been changed from April 17 to April 30.

Administration cannot put any student on probation or suspension based on grades earned in the spring 2020 semester. Faculty will only process academic standing for students who improve their GPA.

Graduate students can apply through their degree program to change their grades to “Pass/No Credit” after final grades are posted and before Oct. 1. The college or school will make the decisions, based on accreditation, if a student will be granted their grade change request.

The University of Arkansas School of Law will record student performances in each course as “Pass” or “Fail.” Faculty will set the standards for what is required of a student to pass the class.

The fall 2019 class ranks will stand for the spring 2020 semester, as new class rankings will not be determined. Any student on academic probation will have an opportunity to improve their GPA with an extension of one semester if they do not improve their GPA in Spring 2020.

Abby Zimmardi is a staff reporter for the Arkansas Traveler, where she has been a staff reporter since April 2019.

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