ASG Candidates Go Door-to-Door to Campaign

2020 ASG presidential candidate Julia Nall (left) and treasurer candidate Jissel Esperanza (right) discuss the sorority houses they planned to visit on Feb. 24.

Note: Presidential candidate Julia Nall of the Forward As One ticket is Design Editor of The Arkansas TravelerThe Arkansas Traveler strives for comprehensive coverage of all election tickets.

Associated Student Government 2020 executive candidates on the Forward As One ticket visited with 15 different Greek Life organizations Monday night during their chapter meetings to discuss their stances on campus issues.

Candidates on the Forward As One ticket for the 2020 ASG election split up to drive between Greek houses on Feb. 24 as part of their campaign process after announcing their party’s ticket on Feb. 19, said Julia Nall, who is running for 2020 ASG President.

“We go to a huge university. We’ve got thousands and thousands of students,” Nall said. “It is pretty much impossible to talk to all of them, but an advantage of going to these chapters is you can talk to 300 at a time.”

Meeting with Greek associations and Registered Student Organizations is important to Jissel Esperanza, Forward As One treasurer candidate, because it allows the ticket to interact with groups they usually would not have the opportunity to talk to, she said

Even though they have tried to reach out to multiple RSOs through HogSync, meeting face-to-face with students has been the most effective form of campaigning, Nall said.

“It’s important to talk to every organization. If we weren’t meeting with Greek houses tonight, we would be meeting with RSOs,” Nall said.

The group started the night by meeting with the Young Democrats RSO and then went on to visit 15 fraternities and sororities.

Nall and Esperanza met with eight sororities on campus, while Ben Cameron, vice president candidate, and Emma Kate Dillon, secretary candidate, met with seven of the fraternities on campus, Nall said.

In their conversations with Greek Life members, Forward As One discussed solutions to issues on campus, such as an alcohol amnesty policy, Cameron said.

The alcohol amnesty policy would allow underage students to call emergency services to for a friend without facing punishment from the university, even if both students are intoxicated, Nall said. She said she wants the alcohol policy on campus to match the Joshua Ashley-Pauley Act, which allows students to call 911 in case of an overdose without facing punishment.

“The overall message went over very well in all the fraternities,” Nall said. “The alcohol amnesty policy was really exciting for a lot of chapters.”

Candidates also discussed getting more student-based organizations involved with ASG by helping provide funding for philanthropy events, Nall said.

“Not only will we provide funding for philanthropy events, but we also provide a little bit of guidance on how to do it most effectively,” Nall said.

Right now the majority of ASG’s funding goes toward paying for conferences, Nall said.

After the meetings the Beta Theta Pi, Phi Delta Theta, Kappa Sigma and Sigma Nu fraternities agreed to support Forward As One, as well as the Phi Mu, Chi Omega, Zeta Tau Alpha sororities and Alpha Chi Omega, Nall said.

Forward As One plans on speaking to more chapters next week as part of their campaigning process, Nall said.

Nathanael Davis is an associate news editor for The Arkansas Traveler. He previously worked as a reporter and photographer.

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