Professor Jeffrey Mingle at Lancaster University and University of Ghana's Musah Adams conducted studies looking at what social media usage does to students and their academic performance. In Ghana, Africa, the number of social media users in June 2014 was 5,171,993.

Mingle and Adams found a drop in grades for students who use social media citing fewer study hours in the week, which creates lower GPA's.

 According to a Technician article, a survey was created by the Pew Research Center discovering 78 percent of college students use social networking sites. Studies have shown excessive internet usage produces mood changes in students because they are more worried about approval through social media, which can lead to increased depression and anxiety.

People are largely influenced by social media and care more about social acceptance and approval and less about what their professors or parents teach. 

Daria Kuss and Mark Griffiths at Nottingham Trent University interviewed 26 percent of that student population. Three-quarters of the 26 percent stated that Internet usage has a negative academic impact, such as procrastination and poor time management. How detrimental do you think social media can be towards your academic pursuits?

 Jason Papalas

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