Dear Editor,

As I recapped the past election and usage of social media by the candidates and campaigners, I stumbled upon unawareness of the effects it has on the people. We live in a time where everything is thrown onto a platform of some sort to reach a mass audience, and while this has been great for advertising and whatnot, it is evident that a lot of it can be false. During the 2016 election, we saw many examples of fake news and fake advertisements on social media, and the biggest issue with them were the fact that some people had no idea they were fake and continued to pass them on.

Technology is advancing day by day, and making a website say whatever you want it to say has become increasingly easier. I think it is crucial for the future of our country and our people that we are educated and informed of the media and how it can be easily falsified. The dangers of biased media and echo chambers is now conforming with the dangers of fake news, and if it isn’t taken care of the people will never know whom or what they can trust.  

Mallory Walker

B.A. Communication 

Class of 2018

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