Until very recently, I didn’t have any idea that a grade forgiveness policy existed on campus. Whether or not you knew, let me rehash it for you:  “Under the Grade Forgiveness Policy, students may improve their undergraduate cumulative GPA by repeating a maximum of two courses, up to nine hours, in which a grade of D or F was received,” according to the UA grade forgiveness petition form.


Now that you’re caught up, get this:  The ASG, in their constant attempt to reinvigorate the metaphorical wind, whose absence has recently slackened the sails of this flagship institution, has proposed a change to our suffering Grade Forgiveness Policy.  Two re-tries?  Not enough.  You need five.


Here’s a novel concept:  Go to class, study, and don’t fail.  It’s amazing to me that we have two whole chances to be forgiven.  You’re in college, you’re an adult, and right now this is your job.  If your CEO was in town and you slept through a presentation you were supposed to give, I can’t imagine he (or she) is going to say, “That’s alright, I forgive you.  Not only do I forgive you, but I’m going to give you another chance, and put your previous failure absolutely and utterly out of my mind.”  A little perspective never hurt anyone.


This policy is kinder than need be, and I applaud the UofA for giving an attempt at reconciliation—but it doesn’t teach us very many lessons.  To suggest that we update this policy to five attempts at reconciling your failure has me chuckling audibly from behind this computer screen.


In the eyes of some, this may seem harsh.  I realize that circumstances can make things challenging.  But those circumstances should be handled on an individual basis.  Things as massive as the death of a family member or a serious medical condition should surely be considered on a case-by-case basis, and the university should grant reconciliatory opportunities based on its own evaluation.


To simply accept a policy that allows students to forgive five D or F grades seems to be accepting the ever-unrealistic terms of those infomercials that come on really early in the morning.

“Having problems?  Failing classes?  Well, we have a solution for you!  The University of Arkansas’ Grade Forgiveness Policy allows you to fail, then try again, and have only your success count!  Sounds too good to be true, right?  Wrong.  But wait, there’s more!  Call right now, and you can fail five times before anything bad happens!  Call in the next 10 minutes and the ASG will spend the next few months working on this ridiculousness.  The first 20 callers also receive a set of genuine metal steak knives!  Don’t delay—your GPA depends on it!”



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