​Not going to liewhen I saw this statistic, I stopped and thought about it for a while.

​“In 2009, an estimated 3.5 percent of all cancer deaths in the U.S. were alcohol related, and recent studies suggest that women who drank daily increased their risk of breast cancer by 13 percent,” stated an NPR article.

​Studies that show Diet Coke causes cancer are usually laughed at. But when drinking is related to cancer, how could college students not stop and think?

​It’s true that drinking could only be one of the causes of cancer. When college students drink, they are more likely to smoke.

​It could be teamwork between drinking and smoking causing the cancer.

​However, it’s not just drinking, but binge drinking. Anything in excess usually isn’t good for you.

​Alcohol in excessive amounts is bad for your body and mind. It’s no surprise that it could be causing cancer too.

​If binge drinking in college weren’t such a huge deal, many would say this is just a fear tactic to try to keep students from drinking too much.

​However, something shocking needs to be relayed to college students so they realize that drinking night after night could decrease their number of nights later on in life.

​The same article stated that “alcohol can also lead to mouth, pancreas and liver cancer, but because these links have only been recently established, college students may be less aware of them.”

​This is something that needs to be broadcasted to college students more than anyone!

​I’m a 21-year-old college student who enjoys the occasional boxed wine and Bud Light Lime Straw-Ber-Rita. By the way,college is the only acceptable time to drink such low-quality alcohol.

​However, this article really made me stop and think about the amount that I drink.

​Having a few glasses of wine or a downing beer after beer may seem like a normal college kid thing to do.

​What students need to know is that they’re only hurting themselves and their bodies.

​Unfortunately, this study won’t hit home with as many students as it should.

​We see kids dying from alcohol poisoning or drunk driving all the time. Something so serious should be taken seriously.

​However, it’s not. And that’s the problem. Telling students binge drinking can lead to cancer and death should be enough to freak anyone out.

​Sadly, many people have to learn the hard way from personal experience or seeing someone close to them be affected.

​This study puts how detrimental binge drinking really is into perspective.

​If it could help a handful of college students from excessively drinking, then maybe more students would follow.

​“A healthy outside starts from the inside,” said Robert Urich.

​Next time you go out to Dickson Street, think twice before ordering that margarita. Inside, your body will be full of sugar, alcohol and fat, and we all know how you’re going to feel the next morning if you don’t drink in moderation.




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