The Associated Student Government is proposing a change to the current Grade Forgiveness Policy so students will be allowed to repeat a maximum of five courses instead of the current two.

They believe this change would improve graduation rates and encourage those who might be willing to throw in the towel. I think this a great idea, because it gives students the option for a second chance to improve their GPA.

Five courses is a big jump from the previous two and it seems unlikely that students will ever need to use all five. However, I think it is better that students have the option for more than they may ever use.

I have never retaken a class, but I have had friends who have done so and I think giving students more chances is fair. The school wants its students and so it should give them every opportunity to do so. Changing this policy would show that the university is willing to help students out.

Sometimes a class necessary for a student’s major is one they simply cannot do well in. As a creative writing major, I had to take at least one science course and I chose chemistry. Horrible decision on my end. I never really got the hang of it and every test gave me a panic attack.

Luckily I passed, but the change in this grade forgiveness policy would be especially helpful for times like this. I needed a science credit to graduate and I definitely would have taken advantage of this policy if I had to.

It just seems like a better idea to give students more opportunities to succeed. This change in policy should definitely improve students’ graduation rate. It should also improve students’ confidence in their studies and make them more willing to stick with their studies.

There really does not seem to be a downside to changing this policy and hopefully the university will agree.

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