The College Board announced March 5 the SAT will shift “from testing abstract-reasoning skills to evidence-based reading, writing and mathematical skills,” more like the ACT, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal.

Their goal is give low-income students more of a chance. They believe it will give them more advantages against student who can afford test-preparation. The $51 test fee will also be waived for low-income students.

The College Board says the new SAT will more accurately reflect how well students are learning in high school, yet each high school is different. There will absolutely be a gap between the education received in a high-income private school and low-income public school despite all efforts.

I always believed it was beneficial to students to have both the SAT and the ACT as options. I preferred the ACT, but I know others who preferred the SAT. Either way, there were two different tests to measure a student’s education and intelligence in different ways.

If the SAT is altered to be more like the ACT, what is the point of having two tests? We might as well just cut one of them.

Also, the writer of the WSJ article made a good point. He believes the changes to the SAT will widen the education gap.

Along with the fee waiver, Khan Academy, a free online tutoring service, has been drafted to offer free SAT prep. However, free tutoring has been around for quite a while so what is going to be the difference here?

My biggest problem is still that the two tests will be so similar. There was a reason there were two tests. It gave students two options to showcase their education and intelligence. At this point, it seems they could just mash the two together and be done with it.

The way this new SAT will work, it will simply make it harder for lower-income students to cross the bridge between their education and the education of higher-income students.

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