Dear Editor,

I am doing a group project where we have done research about how media and technology are affecting children's education. One part of that was interviewing two teachers, Carly Shellhammer and Madison Sandig. They are math teachers at the New School in Fayetteville, teaching 7th, 8th and 9th grade.

We asked a lot of questions to see how they saw media and technology changing the classroom and their students. Most of what they talked about is the changing classroom format and how students have access to a wider variety of resources.

Shellhammer uploads videos of the lesson that students can watch online. In the classroom, there are no longer class sets of textbooks at the New School; textbooks are online. Every student has their own laptop, and students use GoogleDocs a lot. Students are also encouraged to utilize the massive online databases for information.

Sandig explained that learning to use the computer and different programs is extremely important and helpful. She says that these skills will transfer well into the workplace. Having computers is allowing students to adapt quickly to other programs they have not used before. Knowledge about technology is also transferred to home, and students can even teach their parents about new technologies. 

My group and I believe that knowing how media and technology have an impact on local education is very important. We encourage readers to do further research and reach out to their local representative to inspire change where necessary.


Julie Cheek

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