Dear Editor,

Through a recent event of my brother having his identity stolen, I have come to grow concerned about the lack of knowledge we have about how much of our personal lives we share. We consistently save our passwords, or even credit card numbers online without thinking twice. People are sharing their name, birthday, location, place of work like there are no risks, but there are. The internet is filled with hackers, cyber bullies, identity thieves and even stalkers. We need to be more concerned about what information is public. Even checking in while on vacation could potentially tip off a burglar.  Now I’m not saying they should post less, but they should increase their privacy.

Many people don’t even know how much they have on their public profile. One of the main issues is that we never really think about going to the settings while using social media. I don’t know of anyone who goes on Instagram to go read the terms and conditions. I’m sure not going to. But I can turn my profile on private in just the flip of a button, and that alone could save me from several risks. Just a small amount of effort could help so much. Social media sharing is a huge part of our lives, but that doesn’t mean we should hand out to just about anyone who asks.

Morgan Ashley

B.A. Communication

Class of 2019

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