Dear Editor,

Being a professional athlete takes hard work and dedication. The image spun by the media gives us a confusing view that female professional athletes aren’t as competitive as male professional athletes. Instead of showing how talented these women are, they want to associate these athletes as an object of beauty, giving the perception that these women are these delicate little flowers and not amazing athletes. Most of the advertising that involve female athletes focus on their physical beauty or their clothing. These tactics are there to get their attention and don’t necessarily align with the advertisement. Ronda Rousey, the former UFC Women's Bantamweight (which is the weight between flyweight and featherweight), is viewed one way in the ring and another way outside the ring. Outside her sport she is seen as a symbol of beauty.  I have noticed as Ronda’s popularity has skyrocketed the media has strayed away from showing her skills as a fighter. Now they show her more feminine side by putting her in skimpy clothing for photoshoots which is changing her image completely. As this continues, I believe this is a major key to why some people view women’s sports as a joke. What if the media did the same thing for male athletes? Instead of focusing on their athletic ability, they were to strip them down and show them as a piece of meat? Their views would change. It’s not the woman's fault that they try to parade them as sex objects. Maybe, if instead of showing these women as objects the media started showing them as what they are – professional athletes – people wouldn't view women's sports as they do now and have more respect for their profession.



Denton King

Freshman, Communications major

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