“It’s not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages,” said Friedrich Nietzsche.

Everyone has heard the saying, “we were best friends first before we realized we were in love.” Those marriages are the ones that last because the two people knew every side each other, not just the side they were attracted to.

Ladies, listen up. If you are in college just to get your MRS degree, either change your major to something useful or change your mind.

A Princeton alumna wrote a book suggesting that college is the best place to snag a smart and financially secure husband.

“Patton says women should look for a husband while they have access to a large number of intelligent, available men in college,” according to a True Jersey article.

A lot of men in college seem intelligent now. However, what happens after they graduate?

With the job market these days, it’s getting tougher and tougher to find a job after graduation.

The workplace is a much better place to meet a potential husband for many reasons.

One, they’re employed and working. If you meet them in the workplace, clearly they have a career ahead of them. They’re not applying for potential jobs.

Two, they’re mature. Sorry boys, but let’s face it––just because a college guy has a business degree doesn’t make him mature. It’s real world experiences and life choices that turn a college boy into a real man.

Third, women need to understand themselves and see where they end up before they commit fully to another person.

We’re not in the 1950s “Leave It to Beaver” days anymore. Working women are not only independent but much more stable mentally and emotionally.

Plus, who wouldn’t want to combine her income with her husband’s to make an even bigger income? It’s a win-win situation.

Or ladies, better yet, save your income for things like shoes and handbags that mean a lot to you. That way you don’t have to explain the price tag to men who just doesn’t understand and you won’t get in fights over what they call “wasteful spending.”

“You don’t have to marry a man who is as smart, capable and accomplished as you. But tell the truth: Don’t you want to?” Patton asked in her new book.

This book is not only incredibly rash, but discouraging as well.

We live in a progressive era. Not only is the nation advancing technologically, but socially as well.

Girls have the opportunity to become independent, working women. But if we go back to old-fashioned ideals in which the woman stays home all day while the man is at work, Prozac and antidepressant sales will skyrocket.

Now I’m not a feminist by any means. Give me a hardworking, intelligent man for a husband, who works to support our future talented and wonderful kids, and I’m in!

But this doesn’t change the fact that I want to chase my own dreams on the way.

If we really stop and think about it, we all have our set majors and goals, but no one truly knows where we’ll end up.

For example, I’m a broadcast journalism major and my future location and job hours are as undetermined as they get.

As for any college graduate, taking whatever stable job you can get is most likely the plan.

So why waste so much emotional stress over possibly splitting from your “future husband” when you don’t know where you both will end up?

Meeting someone after college in your field or in your city is not only more practical, but has more of a chance for success.

So ladies, here’s the deal. Men don’t like a girl with no goals and no dreams, who follows them around wherever they go.

Men like a woman who is smart, intelligent and has a mind of her own.

Your best friend would encourage you to follow your dreams and will be there for you no matter what.

Your “hookup” likes being in control and most likely thinks it’s pathetic if you follow him around.

So ladies, do you want your best friend or your hookup to put a ring on it?


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