Dear Editor of the Arkansas Traveler,

Ten years ago, the classroom environment was full of paper, pencils, books, crayons, etc. Modern day classrooms now are full of iPads, smartboards, computers, etc. It is vital that our educators and parents be aware of the positive and negative effects that technology in the classroom can have on children.

Beginning with the good, technology allows students to be engaged in the class activity at all times. Because children are so engaged in iPads and computers using them in the classroom makes learning more fun. As well technology is adaptable to every child’s learning path. For example, there are apps that can fit each type of learner to help them advance in their learning.

There are also many negative effects to be aware of. Technology can be accessible to anything. With that being said, it is important for educators and parents, to always be monitoring children on what they are doing on technological devices. As well, not every school/student has access to a computer. Because technology is expensive, it can be hard to fund at certain schools.

Technology is not going anywhere, in fact, it will only advance more as time continues to persist. It is important for parents and educators to know the positive and negative effects of technology in the classroom.


Raelyn Davis


Childhood Education Major

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