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Twins Achieve Childhood Softball Goals Together

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Junior infielder Ashley Diaz (left) smiles with sophomore catcher Macy Brotherton (middle) and sophomore infielder Madelyn Brotherton (right) during a 9-0 victory over Northern Colorado on March 2.



From being born and raised in the small town of Mena, Arkansas, to playing with the Razorbacks, a pair of twins are living out their childhood goal of playing softball together.

Macy and Madelyn Brotherton are both sophomores this season. The former plays catcher and latter plays infielder.

Macy Brotherton has enjoyed playing with her sister, she said.

“It’s the best thing ever,” Macy Brotherton said. “We are very close, and so when we were given the opportunity to play college softball together, we couldn’t pass it up. She is my built-in best friend, and getting to play together has been a blessing.”

Madelyn Brotherton knew she would attend college with her sister, but she wasn’t sure where their next venture would be, she said.

“It’s incredible,” Madelyn Brotherton said. “We always planned on going to the same college,  but we didn’t know where. I couldn’t imagine being seperated from Macy. She is my best friend, and we have gotten even closer since we have been at college.”

The Brothertons live with junior infielder Sydney Benz, who appreciates the twins’ approachable personality, she said.

“Both of them are incredibly sweet, thoughtful and kind,” Benz said. “They are the kind of people who are constantly selfless. They are supportive as friends and teammates. Both of them bring a completely different personality to the team, where they are a balance to each other.”

Macy Brotherton has only played in one game this season. She played in the game against Marist in Florida on Feb. 23. She came in as a pinch hitter for junior infielder Haydi Bugarin. She ended up being walked. Madelyn Brotherton has yet to play in a game.

They both played softball at Mena High School and helped lead the team to a state title in the 4A conference in 2015. Both girls have hit seven home runs in a season, which is a standing record at their high school.

Macy Brotherton tied her sister’s record during her junior year in which she had a .364 average on 28 hits and 28 RBIs. In addition to high school softball, the twins were also skilled in basketball and volleyball. In 2014, they helped lead Mena to a state title in volleyball, and Madelyn Brotherton was named to the Class 4A All-Conference first team. For basketball, both received accolades to first team all-conference.

Even after excelling in all the sports they played, Madelyn Brotherton knows that her sister will continue to push her to become a better teammate, she said.

“We go and hit together on days that the team doesn’t practice,” Madelyn Brotherton said. “We help each other out by telling each other what we can do better.”

Macy Brotherton has learned from her sister about how to not give up on herself, she said.

“She has helped me learn that sometimes I am too hard on myself, and that I need to give myself more credit,” Macy Brotherton said.

Arkansas coach Courtney Deifel thinks the twins’ selflessness makes them more coachable, she said.

“They’re awesome for us,” Deifel said. “They are tremendous teammates and tremendous additions to this team. They are two of of the most selfless individuals I’ve ever had the opportunity to coach.”

Benz has nothing but positive things for her new best friends, she said.

“They are incredible young women who have grown so much in the last year of being roommates,” Benz said. “I’m glad I’ve gotten to get to know them better and create a great bond.”

The Razorbacks travel to play Auburn on the road on April 20-22. They will return to Bogle Park on April 28 to play the Ole Miss Rebels.

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