The Razorback baseball team started the season with nine innings, 12 strikeouts and no walks from its pitching staff.

Six innings into Saturday’s game, the pitching staff had that run up to 15 innings with no walks and 19 strikeouts before their 5-1 win over Miami Ohio University.

Dominic Taccollini led off the second inning with a walk to cleanup hitter Landon Stephens after a lengthy battle which ended the streak.

After the walk Taccolini, Weston Rogers, and Cody Scroggins combined for three more innings with one hit and no walks.

Through the first two games of the regular season, the Razorback pitchers have combined for one walk, 23 strikeouts and only one run.

The pitching attack today was led by junior college transfer Trevor Stephan who pitched four innings, striking out five and only giving up one run on a home run by Ross Haffey in the fourth inning.

Stephan attributes the success of himself and his staff to pitching coach Wes Johnson’s teachings.

“One thing coach Johnson preaches is be confident in your staff and throw pitches with good intent and he doesn’t really focus that much on a certain pitch well and away just be low in the zone with your fastball and with your breaking ball just tunnel pitches,” Stephan said. “If you throw with good intent then you’re already like halfway through the battle.”

The Razorbacks will look for a sweep against Miami at 1 p.m. Sunday at Baum Stadium.

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