The No. 8 Razorback men’s outdoor track and field team competed at the Razorback Combined and Lane Austell put his mark in the program’s record book.

Two Razorbacks competed in the decathlon, Austell and Brad Culp.

Austell finished third and moved into the No. 9 spot in program history for having scored 6.866 points in a decathlon.

Culp finished just behind Austell in fourth with 6,731 points.

The Razorback sophomore Austell finished with three top-three finishes in the ten events, including a first place finish in the 1,500-meter to gain 665 points in 4:42.48.

Finishing second in the 400-meter for 746 points, Austell finished in a time of 51.51.

To finish third in the 110-meter hurdles for 798 points, Austell completed the run in 15.43.

As for Culp, he reigned in three third place finishes.

On the first day of the event, Culp ran the 100-meter in 11.22 to gain 812 points.

Later in the first day, Culp finished the 400-meter just behind Austell in 52.28 to obtain 713 points.

On the second and final day, Culp finished at third in the 1,500-meter in 4:49.05 for 624 points.

This competition took place just before the Mt. Sac Relays, and following these two events the Razorbacks will head to Des Moines, Iowa to compete in the Drake Relays.

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