Senior Goalkeeper Starts Strong

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Senior goalkeeper Jordan Harris holds the ball during the Razorbacks’ 2-1 win over the Kansas Jayhawks on April 15.


Senior goalkeeper Jordan Harris has only allowed one goal through five games, leading the Razorback soccer team to an undefeated record in the spring, while the team outscored opponents 12-1.

The ball floated by her during a game against Kansas University on April 15 and has taken the miscue as a learning experience.

“Hopefully no goals (in the future),” Harris said. “My whole goal was just to keep the ball out of the net, and I think that’s really what I’m good at and what hopefully is going to happen next season.”

Head coach Colby Hale said that Harris’ good start gives her a head start on the starting slot for her position.

“I think Jordan’s played well,” Hale said. “She’s got a leg up, we’ve got three good kids coming in the fall, so there’ll be a little bit of a battle there. Jordan has some experience; she has a head start.”

Even though she’s a senior, Harris is eligible for a fifth year.

Hale said although Harris has had some great games, defense is something the team has worked on during his time as head coach.

“She’s made some really nice saves, but that’s also a team thing,” he said. “We pride ourselves on our team defending and overall, it’s been quite good.”

Harris has been playing behind former goalkeeper Cameron Carter for almost her entire collegiate career. Carter has been an integral part of the Hogs’ success for four seasons. She helped lead the team to its breakout year last season, when they outscored opponents 51-26. But since Carter’s graduation, Hale has looked to fill the role, and Harris has taken a strong step toward that.

“Cam was a good four-year starter (and) leader, you know, mature,” Hale said. “But everyone has players graduate, and it’ll be kind of next man up. And that’s a tremendous opportunity for Jordan and the incoming kids.”

Harris and Carter had a special bond in their years on the roster together. With Carter gone, they still share that bond in support of each other, and Harris has been able to use that to motivate her coming into the season.

“Cam and I, our relationship was really unique,” Harris said. “Usually, people who play the same position don’t really get along. I looked up to Cam a lot, and even though I wasn’t playing, I think that I was her biggest fan. With me going up into this next season, she’s been a really big support for me. We always want the best for the program, so that’s really what we do for each other.”

But while she looked up to Carter, Harris is also ready to make that next leap to become the reliable goalkeeper that Arkansas fans have come to expect.

Harris said she has learned a lot during her time working behind Carter, and she is ready to take the field this season.

“I think this is definitely something I’ve been working for,” Harris said. “It’s been a really hard, but amazing time here at Arkansas, and I think that I’m ready to step up to the challenge and do great things.”

Going forward, Hale’s Razorbacks are looking to do big things, and Harris hopes to be a part of that.

“That’s something we talk about,” Hale said. “You know – ‘How do we win the SEC? How do we go to a final four?’ – those are important to us. I think it’s just continuing to build on the things we do well, layering in some new tools in the toolbox, having a plan B, having a plan C. I think we’ve been really good at some of that.”

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