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The women’s cross country team dominated the SEC Preview Meet Saturday afternoon in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, with a perfect score of 15. The first five runners to finish were all Arkansas Razorbacks.

The other teams competing in order of place were Ole Miss, LSU, Mississippi State and Texas A&M. There were 48 total runners at the meet, 14 of whom represented Arkansas. The runners had to cover a distance of 5,000 meters.

Ole Miss finished second in the meet, but with a score of 46 the team was far behind the Razorbacks. The other three teams finished with scores of 96 for LSU, 103 for Mississippi State and 126 for Texas A&M.

Freshman Razorback Taylor Ewert finished first with a time of 16:53.7. Ewert was followed by senior Abby Gray, senior Logan Morris, junior Lauren Gregory and freshman Corie Smith.

The Razorbacks finished the meet with a total time of 1:25:12.60 and an average time of 17:02.52.

For Razorback Lauren Gregory, it was her return to racing after she redshirted the indoor track season. She last competed at the NCAA National Championships in November.

“I’m just happy to be healthy again,” Gregory said in an interview with Shawn Price. “It takes a long time to get back into the groove of things, especially with running and being out for so long. Coming off of last year and still having that memory fresh in my mind and then the momentum coming into this season is really great.”

Head coach Lance Carter is looking forward to the new season and the opportunity to compete with other teams.

“Everything up to now has been just practices. It’s impossible to simulate a racing format in a competitive spirit, so to speak,” Carter said in an interview with Shawn Price. “So, we’re looking forward to the opportunity to let all these new faces come together and wear a common uniform and then go right into the heat of the battle with some of our formidable SEC foes.”

The Razorbacks next meet will be Saturday, October 3rd at Mizzou.

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