Hogs v. Bears

Courtney Deifel greets her freshman battery of Kayla Green (middle) and Mary Haff (right) after recording the final out of the inning in the Razorbacks 1-0 victory over the Northern Colorado Bears on March 4.

In a defensive stalemate, the Razorback softball team (14-1) overcame the Northern Colorado Bears (10-10), 1-0, in the final game of the Razorback Invitational at Bogle Park, thanks to a run by senior center fielder Loren Krzysko.

Razorback freshman pitcher Mary Haff continued to add strikeouts to her already impressive early collegiate career. She struck out six to improve her season strikeout number to 87. Haff allowed two hits and no runs and is now 9-0 when starting.

Bears junior pitcher Valerie Vidal also had a impressive game. She only allowed one run on one hit against the Razorbacks. Vidal also recorded three strikeouts. She is now 7-4 when staring for the Bears.

The Razorbacks and Bears both played extraordinary defense throughout the game. Between both of them, only three hits were allowed.

Razorback junior second basemen Haydi Bugarin said the the team won because they all stuck together.

“Throughout the struggles, “Bugarin said, “We never stopped battling, and even when we had not our best at-bats, we were grinding and making something out of it.”

The only score of the game came from Krzysko during the bottom of the third. After a single hit from senior third baseman Autumn Buczek, the bases were loaded. Kryzsko returned home to a thunderous ovation from her teammates and fans.

“We just grinding and kept our lead,” said Ashley Diaz, junior first baseman for the Razorbacks.

Even though the day wasn’t a high-scoring one for the Hogs, Arkansas coach Courtney Defiel was happy to get the win.

“I felt our offense was pressing a little bit and not just settling into the game,” Deifel said. “[We] let the game come to us.”

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