A state senator said he would withhold UA funding after six members of the women’s basketball team knelt during the national anthem Nov. 4.

Sen. Alan Clark, a member of the Joint Budget Committee, said he would cut the same amount of money from the UA budget that goes into the women’s basketball team.

Clark tweeted his thoughts and comments Nov. 6 about the team’s protest.

“Hold placed on UA’s budget & amendment being prepared to remove equal funding as women’s basketball budget. UA’s leadership out of touch,” Clark tweeted.

A few hours later another tweet followed.

Interesting how quickly liberals go from protecting protests to abhorring a protest of the protest. Typically hypocritical. #standforanthem,” Clark tweeted.

Clark did not immediately return a request for comment.

Chancellor Joseph Steinmetz released a statement on the matter.

“We trust that our legislators have the university’s best interests at heart. At a time when we are working hard to cut costs, find new sources of revenue, while seeking to increase the number of scholarships for Arkansans, every dollar counts. A cut to our academic budget in these very challenging financial times would negatively impact our students and faculty.”

The women’s basketball team does not use state funding.

Edwin Strickland, who lives in Springdale, is a fan of the women’s program and created a GoFundMe page for tickets to women’s games to raise enough money for 1,000 tickets, according to the GoFundMe page.  

The goal was $5,000 and so far, the page had raised $6,447 dollars for tickets as of 3:24 p.m. Nov. 8. All the money will be used to buy tickets for the women’s games to show support for the team.


Sports Editor Matt Vigoda contributed to this report.


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