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When spring rolls around and we start to think of all the amazing things and activities we can enjoy outside, all of the usual suspects come to mind. Hiking, fishing, biking, and camping, for example, are some of the popular things people in this part of the state really like to do when the weather turns nice. But what about something a bit different? It’s a sport that combines the challenging aspects of golf with the fun and ease of throwing a frisbee. You guessed it: frisbee golf.

It is almost as basic as the name makes it sound. Think of the concept of golf and remove the clubs, ball, and hole. Add Frisbee discs that are specially designed for the sport and a tall metal structure with chains called a basket to catch the disc, and there you have it.

It is a fun game where friends of all skill levels can get together and have a good time. People can use the same kind of games in regular golf as they can in disc golf. You can play doubles, where two people on the same team each take their best throw and use the best one, or you can keep it simple and play singles, you versus everyone else.

You will, however, need a few things to get started playing––the biggest being a set of discs. A set usually consists of a diver, a mid-range disc, and a putter, much like a regular bag of golf clubs. Each disc is specially designed to do its job better than a regular frisbee.  You can purchase a set at most outdoor stores or online.

Once you have your discs all you need now is a place to go play. North Shore disc Golf Course next to Lake Fayetteville is the only 18-hole course in the city. It is a good course with good distances between holes and offers some great scenery of the Lake Fayetteville area.

According to a disc golf course review of North Shore, the only real cons would be that it can get a bit muddy on certain holes that are near the water after a heavy rain, and that if the vegetation is grown up it can be easy to lose discs. Other than these two negatives this course is a good one and close to home. The only other thing the review says, which is not necessarily a con, is that it is a long course and you need to dedicate at least an hour and a half to play the full 18.

The Jones Center in Springdale is another great course, and is a beginner course that is built for confidence after a bad round, according to its website. It is only a nine-hole course but it is nicely laid out with well-marked baskets. The tee boxes show distance and the fairways are in very good condition.

Sports Life is another disc golf course in Springdale and is a full-length, 18 hole course. According to the website description, it is a fairly open course with few trees. It has several hilly areas and features a few holes over 400 feet.

If disc golf seems like something you may be interested in, check out the UA disc golf team. Dues are $20 a year and the club will accept anyone who is interested in playing the game. The team wants to stress that just because you think you may be no good, do not let that deter you from joining. President Kevin Barnes would love to have you.

The team finished in second place at the Gateway Collegiate Open that earned them a bid to nationals, where they placed in the top 20 at the 2013 National Collegiate disc Golf Championship.

If you are looking for a new, fun,and challenging sport for the upcoming spring and summer months, disc golf should be on your list. It is a game of skill and, just like regular golf, in the end it is you versus yourself. If you have never played before, don’t worry. See if you can find one of your friends who has and borrow their discs. Give it a whirl and see if it is for you.    

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