At 21 years old, I have still not decided which party I would affiliate myself with, though I have learned I tend to be fairly liberal in most areas. I’ve said before, I unfortunately have next to no knowledge about politics, but I have been trying the last couple years. I have watched President Obama speak on a few occasions and I have always thought speaking is one of his great strengths. I also always thought that he was a great president and the people opposed to him were just extremely conservative people with whom I had nothing in common. However, in researching Obama’s administration of the last five years, I have since realized there were many things that I was not paying attention to.

On one hand, there are a lot of good things Obama has done for our country, in my opinion. He authorized the raid which ended with Osama bin Laden’s death, which was an extremely gutsy move on the president’s part. bin Laden’s death has allowed terrorism to be largely neutralized in that area.

Obama has seen significant success with foreign policy. A large part of this being the relatively smooth withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq and Afghanistan. Obama also gained favor recently when he choose not to go to war with Syria over the government’s use of chemical weapons on citizens.

I think one of the best things about Obama is that he has openly spoken in support of same-sex marriage and also supports the DREAM Act. I’m all for making our nation more equal and giving people chances they would not have had otherwise.

However, our economy is in the toilet. We are in the greatest amount of debt since the Truman era. The current budget deficit translated into higher taxes for our generation. The unemployment rate for some states was a historical high in 2010 and the rates are still higher than we would like.

The trend I saw that I liked least about Obama was his knack for refusing to discuss touchy subjects and for blaming others. Some of his favorite people to blame fall into the Bush administration. Now, I’ve heard some of George W. Bush’s famous quotes and he certainly isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, but everything that has gone wrong can’t all be his fault. Also, a leader not only needs to take responsibility, but also to discuss some of the hard topics, especially if he has done something wrong.

Now, Obamacare. I’m still trying to figure out what I think about this, so I know it’s a big topic, but for my own purposes, I’m going to skip it.

All in all, if I had to give President Obama a report card, his grade would be a C. He has done a lot of things that I respect and agree with; yet, there are definitely areas where he could improve and times he has made mistakes. In the end, he is still our leader and deserves the respect that comes with that position.

Final Grade: C

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