Points for trying?

President Barack Obama is coming upon his fifth year leading the land of the free. He’s had long enough to start pushing his policies through and people can spot the effects of his presidency. Now, the question is just how well is he doing?

Obama is rocking a solid C- with a 71 percent. It’s not quite the lowest form of C available, but it’s close.

The guy is trying. I’ll give him points for that at least. He just happens to be lacking in effectiveness and success, which are kind of important.

Sadly, good intentions aren’t the only ingredient in attaining a 4.0. If that were the case, the dean and chancellor would have a much longer list at the end of the semester.

I think Obama has good ideas for the big picture. Take health care for example – America did need a better system of healthcare. We’d fallen way behind in comparison to many other countries.

So, he has the right idea on areas that need work but he’s just sloppy with the details.

Obamacare won’t be called an overwhelming success; there is simply way too much opposition to call it anything else.

Also, since Obama has stepped into office, there have been several economic problems pop up.

Of course, he can’t be blamed for all of them. The economy wasn’t really the epitome of health when he took over, so not all of the problems can be traced back to him.  

However, during these trials Obama hasn’t always set a great example on how to keep a cool head and work with others to find solutions.

In 2011, Eric Cantor, the House majority leader, told reporters that Obama stormed out of a debt-ceiling meeting. Today, we’re still feeling the effects of the unsuccessful meetings.

As our nation’s leader, Obama can’t throw tantrums. He has to show diligent cooperation to find solutions.

Additionally, although he’s not the only person responsible for the government shutdown, it still reflects poorly on his leadership. He needs to do his utmost to help Congress get it together so that our nation can get back on track.

I think Obama wants to do a good job, but being the president is harder than it looks. He’s at 71 percent – trying, just not excelling.

Final Grade: C-


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