New Music Friday Graphic

This weekend’s new music releases span a wide range of genres, with new single drops from Kota the Friend, Alessia Cara and Giveon, and a star-studded collaboration between Coldplay and BTS. 

Kota the Friend’s new rap single “Needs” is characterized by rich instrumentals and introspective lyrics. The song starts off with a gentle guitar refrain and moves into a catchier beat as he begins to rap. He focuses on his success as a rapper and how he earned what he has now. Lyrics like “I’m on a mountain picture perfect / I’m out here meeting my needs / I got the world at my feet,” illustrate a sense of pride in working hard for his success. 

“My Universe” by Coldplay and BTS takes a different direction and prioritizes love and appreciation for others. Lyrics from the chorus “You, you are my universe and I just want to put you first,” highlight the importance the subjects hold for the singers. The artists work together to create a classic, upbeat pop song with a mix of Korean and English lyrics. 

“For Tonight” by Giveon focuses on heartbreak shared with an individual he cares for and how he knows what he’s doing is wrong, but continues to do so. The lyrics “For tonight I’m yours, so deny the truth / We’ll stay behind closed doors cause all I want to do is lie with you,” focus on the pain he is going through to ensure he can stay around his paramore.

Alessia Cara’s “Best Days” focuses on her fear of living a monotonous life, a theme many college students can relate to. It begins with slow piano chords and only Cara’s voice for about a minute and a half, before picking up tempo and adding more instruments into the mix. Lyrics like “What if my best days are the days I left behind / What if the rest days are the same for all my life” outline her fear of living a one-track life. 

The multi-genre selection of new music this weekend offers listeners a variety of insightful lyrics reflecting on the treatment of ourselves and others.


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