NMF 1/20

Lovers of rock, country, indie, and pop can all find something they like on this week’s New Music Friday playlist to beat the January blues.

Starting off strong, the highlight of this New Music Friday playlist is undoubtedly the newest music from boygenius’ first studio album, “the record” which comes out March 31. The indie rock trio comprising Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus and Julien Baker has not released music together since the group’s 2018 EP.

Boygenius’ return to the music scene only solidifies Bridgers’, Dacus’ and Baker’s incredible musical chemistry and lyricism. The rock track “$20” is a standout, featuring Baker’s vocals at the forefront, with Bridgers and Dacus harmonizing in the background with desperation and chaotic unity.

With vivid imagery of motorcycles, arsonists, graveyards and being on the run, the track finally reaches its zenith with Bridgers screaming at the top of her lungs. The lyrics, vocals and harmonization capture the type of feminine rage and chaos that boygenius does so well. Overall, “$20” promises that “the record” will be worth the wait, highlighting the strengths of the dynamic trio.

For rock fans looking for new music, Maneskin, the Italian glam rock band, just released “BABY SAID” from the group’s latest album “RUSH!” Produced by Max Martin, the track is sultry, catchy and riddled with infectious guitar riffs as frontman Damiano David sings about hitting it off with a stranger and wanting to know more about them. The track features the danger, glossiness and fun that the rest of the album boasts.

Country music enthusiasts may be thrilled to hear Dolly Parton’s latest project. Released on the singer’s 77th birthday, “Don’t Make Me Have To Come Down There” is an upbeat cautionary tale from the perspective of God that warns listeners to be kind to their neighbors. The catchy country tune features plucky instrumentals as Parton sings, “Politics, earthquakes, erratic weather / Pandemics, war, and hate, / Turn a deaf ear, a blind eye; I am wondering whether

I should take my Bible belt and whip you into shape.”

Reiterating the message of love and acceptance that she has promoted throughout her whole life. Parton sings, “Why can't you learn to listen, and learn to love and share / Don't make me have to come down there before the song ends with an a capella section in which Parton harmonizes with herself beautifully.

Kid Sistr, the all-female indie rock band, released “X-Tape” a shouty, punky, unapologetic song about having fun and doing what you want. The song features plenty of funny pop culture references, especially in the bridge as lead singer Sara Keden sings, “I’m Ari Aster, I cut my hair / I am your master, I killed a bear / I thought I knew you, I am deranged / I’m looking through you, I’m Doctor Strange.”

With delightfully weird lyrics and heavy guitar riffs, the song is a fun addition to this week’s new music, as well as an introduction to the musical trio Kid Sistr.

British singer-songwriter Arlo Parks released “Weightless,” a poppy, electronica-inspired track in which Parks’ vocals shine. However, her lyrics are the most impressive asset of this track, as each line feels like a part of a poem. “Weightless” uses imagery of nature and weather to capture a dying relationship, and Parks executes it beautifully.

The song opens with Parks singing, “Cardamom and jade as your eyes streamed / On the night you showed your volcanic side,” highlighting Parks’ ability to capture mundane moments in compelling, poetic language.

Similarly, in the pre-chorus, she sings, “There's blue glass in the soft rain / You're passive, I'm in pain / But I sparkle in the rare case / That you tell me I'm your sun ray,” creating one of the most tender and wistful parts of the beautiful song.

Whether listeners are looking for upbeat, chaotic tracks or more chill, enjoyable ones, this week’s New Music Friday playlist has something for everyone.

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