Wallows released “Remote” on Oct. 23, which featured an upbeat, indie-rock fusion.

Los Angeles indie-rock band Wallows released their third EP, “Remote,” on Oct. 23, providing listeners a futuristic escape into a world of electronic keyboards, pillowy synths and seemingly improvised solos.

Best known for their 2019 and 2020 hits “Are You Bored Yet? (Feat. Clario)” and “OK,” Wallows have proven themselves to be a band of growing popularity, experimenting with elements of psychedelic pop and surf rock.

The album’s opener, “Virtual Aerobics,” describes the refreshing feeling of dating someone new. “Being here for the first time with you / It lets me see it totally new.” Backed by captivating xylophone notes, the track showcases frontman Dylan Minnette’s charismatic vocals.

“Dig What You Dug” features a lush array of sounds including rising drums, layered melodies and dreamy synths. I enjoyed the playful tone of the track, which was exemplified by most during its chorus with the off-the-cuff lyrics “I love the way you say my name.”

The album’s third track, “Nobody Gets Me (Like You),” boasts the over-the-top, psychedelic pop aura popularized by Tame Impala. The song pairs a high-pitched keyboard progression with auto-tuned vocals, both of which distracted me from the track’s heartwarming lyrics: “Keep pulling me closer to you / ‘Cause nobody gets me like you.”

Mellow “Coastlines” takes a more minimal approach to vocals and production, balancing out the extravagant tone of the previous track. Upbeat and multi-layered with drum patterns, the track projects an overall melancholy, especially with lyrics like, “If I’m the only thing on your mind / I don’t wanna think about it.”

Surf-rock-esque “Talk Like That” is built around a guitar melody with clean tones and tasteful reverb. The track incorporates clashing cymbals and strategically placed vocals that add drama to an otherwise easy-going song. The seemingly sweet lyrics, “Just wait ‘til we’re together, loves / I’ll tell you everything I’m thinking of,” reminded me of a toxic long-distance relationship.

The album’s final track and my personal favorite, “Wish Me Luck,” intrigued me with its various sound transitions — reminiscent of Rex Orange County’s unique structural style. Starting melancholic and slow, the track transitions into a passionate chorus: “Can you just wish me luck? / I’m always getting stuck inside of my mind.”

Although only sixteen minutes long, “Remote” captivated me with its underground tone infused with futuristic yet nostalgic elements, leaving me desperate for another Wallows release.

Raegan Holland is the lifestyles editor for The Arkansas Traveler, where she previously worked as a staff reporter.

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