NMF 4/14

This week’s New Music Friday playlist features powerful, highly anticipated collaborations between talented female artists, including SZA, Doja Cat, Nicki Minaj, Ice Spice, GAYLE and more. These women prove the power of female artistry with these empowering new songs.

Starting off strong, SZA released a new version of her hit “Kill Bill'' featuring a new first verse rapped by Doja Cat. Drawing inspiration from Quentin Tarentino’s movie “Kill Bill,” the song humorously describes wanting to murder an ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend out of revenge.

SZA’s lyrics are satiric and self-aware as she sings on the pre-chorus, “I'm so mature, I'm so mature” before singing in the chorus “I might kill my ex, not the best idea / His new girlfriend's next, how'd I get here? / I might kill my ex, I still love him, though / Rather be in jail than alone.”

The new first verse features similar darkly funny lyrics about watching an ex through his window, breaking into his house and accidentally murdering his new girlfriend. The rap keeps the same playful, sardonic tone of the original verses, but also makes it sound even more violent and unhinged. Just like on their past collaborations, SZA and Doja Cat’s vocals complement each other well, making this track a solid new release.

Another breakup song collaboration of female artists stands out on this NMF. Singer-songwriters Lauren Spencer-Smith, GAYLE and Em Beihold all teamed up on “Fantasy,” a pop-rock breakup anthem that reflects bitterly on a toxic relationship.

The song feels especially cathartic as the women belt together on the chorus, “You always play the victim, used to be convincing / You loved me when you needed, left when it was easy.”

The message feels reminiscent of Olivia Rodrigo’s “good 4 u” and Taylor Swift’s “Mr. Perfectly Fine” which both describe how women often come out of breakups more emotionally damaged than men. This is especially evident in the chorus as the women humorously call out an ex for moving on like the relationship did not matter, singing, “Heard you're doing great now, journal, and you work out / Into meditation, oh, congratulations.”

The song perfectly combines humor, empowerment and bitterness as it reflects on the ended relationship. Featuring one of the catchiest choruses on NMF, this track definitely deserves a spot in your weekend playlist.

To round it all out, rapper Ice Spice released a remix of her song “Princess Diana,” featuring Nicki Minaj on the second verse. In the original song, Ice Spice comments on fame, being in the limelight and maintaining her sense of self despite the pressure. Her rhythm and delivery is spot-on, and her lyrics stand out as she addresses the haters in the chorus, rapping, “They be chattin', I don't give a damn / And I'm still gettin' money, I know who I am.” 

She also draws clever comparisons between herself and Princess Diana as she raps in the first verse, “Nowadays, I be duckin' them cameras / And they hype that I'm up on them banners / Callin' my phone, but they know I don't answer / In the hood I'm like Princess Diana.”

Although the original version of the song is incredibly well done, Minaj’s verse elevates the energy of the track insurmountably. Her verse fits right into the rhythm of the song, adding incredible energy and attitude to the track.

She acknowledges her own influence and importance in the hip-hop scene while also hyping up Ice Spice as a rising star as she raps, “Nowadays, I be makin' 'em famous / She the princess, so f—- who you lames is /Of course, I be pushin' they buttons / I hold the control like the gamers.”

In classic Minaj fashion, she also emulates a British accent briefly, which fits perfectly into the track, already full of references to England and the monarchy. Overall, Minaj’s presence on “Princess Diana” makes the remix more dynamic, energetic and fresh.

For listeners looking for upbeat music to keep this weekend energized, look no further than NMF. Countless talented female artists shared incredible music this week, and their work definitely deserves a listen.

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