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This weekend’s music releases from the Jonas Brothers and more are full of unanswered questions, addressing present doubts and uncertainties about the future.

The Jonas Brothers’ funky pop single “Who’s In Your Head?” is characterized by prominent falsetto vocals and a catchy guitar refrain. The singers are consumed by thoughts of their previous lovers being with new partners. Lyrics like “Stealin’ your heart while I’m still bleedin’“ and “Wrapped in your arms while I ain’t sleepin’” reveals how much this possibility pains them.

College students will likely find they can relate to Alec Benjamin’s “Older.” He reminisces over a childhood that has slipped through his fingers, emphasizing the bittersweet passage of time with lyrics like “‘Never thought I’d be 20 / And 30 don’t seem so far away.” Benjamin, like all of us, is stuck on the rollercoaster of aging and maturing, trying to meet the expectations that come with being an “adult.” The pressures include needing to find a lifelong partner and a steady job.

Carly Pearce and Ashley McBryde’s single “Never Wanted to Be That Girl” addresses the feelings of self-doubt and shame that accompany being the “other woman.” Pearce feels stupid, used, cheap and weak after the security of her relationship is ripped away from her in an instant. It makes her question herself, with lyrics like “I thought I knew who I was / But it’s getting hard to tell” and “I never wanted to hate myself.”

Hayd’s ‘Head In The Clouds” slows the tempo way down compared to many of Friday’s other releases and sets a somber, reflective mood with sad piano chords. He reflects on simpler days as he recalls dreams and plans that have faded into memories. Hayd recognizes the future is full of unknowns, and “philosophers guess but they just don’t know” what is to come. The only certainty in life is that everything has an expiration date.

With multi-genre, introspective explorations of the past, present and future, this week’s music releases reveal that some questions are better left unanswered, while others may only be answered with time.

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