NMF 3/10

Listeners can enjoy the sun in Northwest Arkansas with these fresh, summer-inspired tracks featured on this week’s New Music Friday playlist.

One of the most highly anticipated pop albums, Miley Cyrus’ “Endless Summer Vacation,” came out today. The singer’s eighth album is a perfect soundtrack for the warmer months. The record explores the aftermath of a heartbreak, and the process of finding independence, self-love and empowerment. Rumored to be about Cyrus’ divorce with Liam Hemsworth, the album captures her raw emotion and complex feelings as she reflects on the ups and downs of a failed relationship.

This week’s NMF playlist features multiple standout tracks from the album. A personal favorite is “Jaded,” a reflective tune about regret and loss, set to a poppy, beachy soundscape. Based on sound alone, the track is a perfect summer groove.

Cyrus’ lyrics add complexity to the songs as she sings “Oh, isn't it a shame that it ended like that? / Said goodbye forever, but you never unpacked / We went to Hell, but we never came back” in the pre-chorus. She shows off her killer vocals on the chorus as she belts, “I’m sorry that you’re jaded” leaving listeners with the senses of rage, regret and sympathy that come with a breakup.

Another standout, “River” is a bumping pop track that tells an unapologetic, feverish tale of romance. With a Gaga-esque second verse, the song leans into dance pop, and Cyrus totally pulls it off.

For longtime fans of Cyrus or casual listeners, “Endless Summer Vacation” has some great tracks to enjoy during the warmer months.

Keeping with the summer theme, Dutch pop singer Benny Sings collaborated with singer-songwriter Remi Wolf on “Pyjamas,” a bossa nova inspired duet full of beachy imagery and romantic lyrics. The song opens with “We can take a walk on Cobana Beach / Read a book or two 'bout the birds in Cali / We could see a movie about São Paulo,” setting the tone for a quirky love song.

Both singers’ voices compliment each other perfectly, but Remi Wolf’s unique vocals especially stand out on her solos.

With sweet, detailed lyrics and samba-inspired instrumentals, “Pyjamas” is a perfect summer love song to bring the beachy vibes to you.

To finish up this week’s NMF recommendations, indie rock artist Indigo De Souza released “Smog,” a track from her forthcoming album, “All of This Will End,” which is set to drop April 28.

Written during the pandemic, the song touches on feeling isolated and purposeless. While the verses detail these feelings of anxiety, De Souza liberates herself on the chorus, singing “I come alive in the nighttime, when everybody else is done / I come alive, it's the right time to really start having fun.”

De Souza keeps her vocals deadpan on the verses, but sings with flair and personality on the chorus. With a danceable melody and an upbeat, synth-heavy chorus, this poppy indie track fits right in on this week’s NMF.

Although it may not be summer yet, listeners can get in a vacation headspace with these standout tracks, and get ready for those dreamy warm months that are just out of reach.

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