Lower Ramble

The Lower Ramble will be home to an art installation called Common Ground on Sunday. The project includes anonymous art submissions from community members. 



Graphic design studio E-O Space will be hosting Common Ground, an art exhibition on the Lower Ramble in Fayetteville this weekend. The installation process will take place from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday, and will be on display for two days.

Fayetteville officials recently renovated the Lower Ramble, a trail that is part of the Razorback Greenway in what was previously the Fay Jones Woods, E-O Space team member Matthew McMillan said. 

Through renovating the Lower Ramble, the city called for artists to submit work or ideas to be exhibited. E-O Space received some of the funding and a grant to perform a vision for the exhibit, McMillan said.

E-O Space designers decided they wanted to talk about how  nature, trails, and travel equalize humans and put us on a common ground, McMillan said.

E-O Space designers came up with an exhibition idea that gets engagement and participation from other people to formalize a temporary installation on the trail, McMillan said. They accepted submissions from people in the community and turned them into screens to be printed live on the trail. Trail-goers will also be able to participate in the exhibit.

Destiny Reed, a supporter of the local arts and cultural community, said she saw the post calling for people to show their work through the exhibit. She thought it would be a really good opportunity to submit art.

All of the work submitted will be displayed in the form of fabric panels on the trail, McMillan said.

“We’re going to have a couple of large panels of fabric,” McMillan said, “and we’re going to have people who visit print onto this fabric and hang that up into an environmental installation that we’ve come up with.”

The fabric will formalize the space that people can enter to view the art.

“A lot of things that we talked about with the structure of the fabric, like where we’re putting it, is that it’s going to make a space out of the trail,” E-O Space team member Belle Anderson said. “So when you look down the trail, it’ll be kind of like a hallway. So we think that’ll be really interesting to see — kind of making a space out of nothing.”

The E-O Space team put out a call for content on its Instagram, requesting people to send in any of their ideas around the event concept in the form of pictures, poems or any other personal work, E-O Space team member John Ferrante said.

The content will be centered on works that discuss nature unifying humanity and creating a common ground between everyone, McMillan said. All submissions will also be anonymous to further equalize the process of creating the exhibit.

“We’re going to repurpose the things that we gather, all the input that we’re given, onto the textiles and then people will be able to print live as well,” Ferrante said. “The screen printing aspect is the common thread between the conversation.”

In between the process of receiving the materials for the installation and creating the pattern that will be printed, the E-O Space team will work to flatten the design and make it black and white for consistency, Ferrante said. That way, the team can print the design onto canvas during the event.

Along with being able to participate in the screen printing process, everyone who comes to visit during the installation process will also be given a garment to walk away with from the exhibit, McMillan said.

“It's a way for people to involve themselves in the art as well as through the actual rendering of the prints,” McMillan said.“It brings voices before, during and after the event together within the installation itself on the textile.”

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