FPD Station Shooting

FPD Capt. Mike Reynolds speaks to members of the press about the shooting that occurred outside of the Fayetteville Police Department in the parking lot of Violet’s Boutique and Formal on Dec. 7.

In a press conference this morning, FPD Capt. Mike Reynolds identified the dead officer as 27-year-old Stephen Carr. The suspect has been identified as London T. Phillips, 35.

Phillips approached Carr while Carr was in his car, waiting for his partner to come out so they could head out to patrol their beat: the Dickson Street entertainment district, Reynolds said. Phillips shot Carr several times from a point-blank range, hitting him once in the head and killing him.

Officer Natalie Eucce and Cpl. Seay Floyd were inside the station when they heard gunshots, according to an FPD press release. The two chased Phillips down an alley behind the station, where they shot and killed him.

UA students did not receive a RazAlert notification of the shooting as there was not an active threat to anyone on campus, and the shooter was already dead, said UA Police Department Capt. Gary Crain.

Reynolds is not aware of any direct connection between Carr and Phillips, he said.

"I have no information that leads me to believe that he targeted this officer specifically,” Reynolds said. “He was looking for an officer to kill."

A memorial for Carr has been set up in front of the station, where mourners can leave flowers next to a photo of Carr. A memorial service is being planned, and details will be released at a later date, according to FPD.

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