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Two weeks into the school year, at least 79 students and staff members in Northwest Arkansas public schools have tested positive for COVID-19, while at least 593 more are in mandatory isolation after potential exposures.

The four school districts making up NWA began publicly reporting case numbers following the start of the school year Aug. 24, using online dashboards and spreadsheets. While the district sites do not all list the same statistics, they all track the number of active cases confirmed through a positive test result.

In the Fayetteville Public Schools, six students and two staff members were positive for the virus as of Friday, and in the Bentonville Schools, one staff member was positive. As of Thursday, 13 staff members and 12 students were actively infected in the Springdale Public Schools. The Rogers Public Schools had 19 active cases as of Thursday, which were not broken down into student and staff categories.

There have been 19 cumulative cases in Bentonville Schools this academic term, 27 in RPS, and 25 in SPS. FPS’s dashboard does not list cumulative cases.

Due to potential exposure to infected individuals, 65 FPS students and 41 staff members are currently quarantined or in isolation, and unable to return to school. In Bentonville, the numbers are 283 students and 18 staff members. In Rogers, 186 students and staff members are in quarantine. Sprindale’s public report does not include quarantine/isolation numbers.

The FPS, BS, and RPS dashboards are updated daily, and the SPS’s spreadsheet is updated weekly.

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