All-sports access passes available to UA students


Student access passes, exclusive to enrolled students and their spouses, for football and men’s basketball home games are still available for $85, but only 2,000 are left.


The access pass program is fairly young, now in its fourth year.


“Those started in 2010,” said Bethany Bucholtz, director of ticket operations. “There was a different student ticket policy before then.”


Before the introduction of the access pass, students did have an option to ensure their spot to home games, but it was more expensive and didn’t cover both football and basketball.


“For football there was a season ticket option, so you would have to buy that in advance, and then for basketball there was also a separate season ticket option,” Bucholtz said. “This is just a way of combining the two, and there’s a savings involved because only a men’s basketball season ticket was $100.”


Student tickets for individual football games, if they are available, are $10 for nonconference, and $20 for conference games. Students will spend $110 for the football season without an access pass if they attend every game.


All basketball games are $10 for students regardless of conference, which will cost $180 for the season. If students attend all of these games, they can save $210.


In addition to access to home games, students can also add a collegiate membership to the Razorback Foundation for an additional $15. Members get priority seating at certain games, as well as invitations to special events with the Razorback head coaches.


“It’s a good option to get involved on a different level and then also gain some priority there,” Bucholtz said.


The access pass is cheaper than the previous season tickets option for students, but they do come with the catch: not everyone will get a seat. For football, the first 9,500 students with access passes can claim a seat. Little Rock games are limited to 2,000 students. Basketball seats are also limited to 3,000 each game.


Spouse passes do not include the Little Rock game and do not give access to any basketball games.


For football games, officials do not expect access pass holders to exceed the number of seats available, but with the smaller student section in Bud Walton Arena, there may be a shortage of seats.


Some basketball games will be subject to a lottery in which access pass holders must request a ticket beforehand to be entered into a drawing to gain a seat. Access pass holders who have attended all games before a lottery game are guaranteed a seat. Any games that are going to be under the lottery system will be announced beforehand so access pass holders can register.


Despite these limitations, the access passes have been popular from the start and the majority have already been purchased.


“It’s nice because I know I can sit close to the front and cheer on my Hogs,” said freshman Maris Moon. “I love football, so of course I’m going to buy one next year.”


The number of passes is capped at 12,000, and roughly 2,000 remain.


“We have just right around 10,000 that have been sold,” Bucholtz said. “We are consistent with where we’ve been mostly with student access passes, so we’re right where we were last year about this time.”


The access pass also allows holders to purchase one guest ticket a game if there are available seats. Availability is determined 30 minutes before the start of each game.


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