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The UA chapter of the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity, also known as FIJI, is on conduct probation and forbidden from hosting social events the rest of the semester after officials received reports of hazing.

The office of Student Standards and Conduct sanctioned the fraternity Oct. 13 after receiving the reports. Along with having to cancel all social events for the fall semester, the fraternity will be on conduct probation until Oct. 13, 2022, Scott Flanagin, director of communications for Student Affairs said in an email.

Conduct probation means an organization is considered “not to be in good standing with the university,” according to the Office of Student Standards and Conduct.

“The organization received sanctions for hazing activities related to asking pledges to give their football tickets to upperclassmen, asking pledges to purchase cleaning supplies and clean the off-campus apartments of upperclassmen and asking pledges to drive others around town,” Flanagin said.

None of the hazing activities involved alcohol, and no students were hurt, Flanagin said. No individual students received sanctions, and the fraternity’s leadership accepted the chapter sanctions without requesting a hearing.

“[Conduct probation] is imposed when a student organization’s actions are found to be serious, but not serious enough to warrant suspension,” Rachel Eikenberry, director of student standards and conduct, said in an email.

Further misconduct while the fraternity is on probation could result in suspension. Phi Gamma Delta will also be required to pay $1,500 to the Office of Student Standards and Conduct’s educational fund, which funds hazing education and prevention, Eikenberry said.

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