Two Fayetteville police officers shot and arrested a man after a nearly seven-hour standoff on Joyce Boulevard on Friday night, according to a press release from the Fayetteville Police Department.

Skylar Houston, 29, of Huntsville was charged with theft by receiving of a firearm, criminal conspiracy, unlawful use of a communication device and carrying a weapon. Detectives with the 4th Judicial District Drug Task Force were conducting an operation to purchase methamphetamine from Houston on Friday afternoon when the stand-off occurred.

Detectives attempted to arrest Houston at approximately 3:25 p.m. in the parking lot of 587 E. Joyce Blvd, according to police. Investigators saw Houston holding a gun to his head through the window of the vehicle and requested that Fayetteville patrol officers, the Crisis Negotiations Team and the Emergency Response Team respond to the scene. The negotiations lasted for approximately 6.5 hours, during which time a large crowd formed near the scene.

The ERT then dispensed tear gas into the vehicle, after which Houston exited while still holding the gun to his head, according to the press release. ERT members shot several rounds from a pepper ball gun, but Houston fled to the parking lot of Cleo’s Furniture with weapon in hand, where he attempted to enter the locked business.

Two Fayetteville police officers shot at Houston, fearing someone was inside the furniture store and knowing Houston had training as a former police officer, according to the press release. A Facebook post from the Lowell Police Department shows that Houston was named the department’s officer of the year in 2015.

Houston fell to the ground after being shot, but immediately got up and advanced toward officers after leaving the firearm on the ground, according to the press release. Officers tasered Houston after he did not comply with requests to surrender. They took Houston into custody and transported him to a local medical facility.

Houston’s condition is unknown and multiple investigations into the standoff and police-involved shooting are ongoing, according to the press release.

On April 1, officers conducted a search warrant and recovered a firearm from Houston’s residence, which they later discovered was stolen, according to the FPD. The same day, police arrested Houston for possession of three guns and approximately 8.5 pounds of methamphetamine. He was released April 2 on bond and was arrested again on June 29 for violating his bond conditions related to a Fayetteville shooting. He was released July 1 on bond.

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