Dear Editor,

A child is like a sponge. They will mimic just about everything they see. If your child sees you laughing, your child laughs with you. Because children are like sponges, it is very important for us as parents to monitor what they are watching on television. Many studies by child psychologists have shown that children spend about 18,000 hours in front of the television from kindergarten to the end of high school. If they are exposed to violence on TV for long periods of time, how will it affect them?

Because of the impact of visual media on children, and studies indicating a connection between human behavior and media violence, it is important that parents are aware of what their children are watching. The current film rating system from the Motion Picture Association of America may give parents a false sense of security. More studies may have to be conducted in the future to give a more accurate film rating.

The powers that shape children’s vulnerable minds are found mostly in the atmosphere where they grow up, and to things they see on a daily basis. A child’s exposure to a violent environment increases the risk of aggressive behavior and desensitizes them to violence. Resulting in the child thinking it is normal behavior and difficult to change later in life. In conclusion, the fact that media violence has been found to increase aggression in children and young adults, parents should be more involved in what their children are exposed to.

Joshua Helguero


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