Dear Editor,

There seems to be constant debate about the best way to teach kids in school. One controversial topic is whether or not students should use technology such as touchscreens as part of classroom learning. In my opinion, touchscreens and apps are quite beneficial to students in kindergarten through high school. This form of technology can tremendously help a child improve their academic skills, and it is very convenient to incorporate technology into the blended learning environment.

Some people think touchscreen usage is a distraction from the kids being able to pay attention to traditional forms of teaching. I believe, however, that touchscreens are an inevitable part of everyone’s life and students need to learn how to use them effectively and efficiently. Apps can help teachers talk about and teach many different subjects like math, reading and vocabulary, and they can be useful in helping students negotiate the social world. Apps can also help students become more independent by helping them find their way around new places, stay organized, and provide reminders to complete school work.

Touchscreens and apps are a reality for everyone in our society. Schools should take advantage of all apps have to offer and should make them part of their curriculum.

Avi Greene

B.A. Geography, Minor Spanish

Class of 2017, Senior

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