Dear Editor,

Recently I have been researching the effects social media has on politics. People in this age use social media more and more everyday and sites like Facebook and Twitter are constantly filled with political articles, videos, posts, and opinions. Naturally we, as consumers of media, will be influenced by these many posts on these sites.  

My concern is so many of these posts are seen by the youth of today and, coming from someone a part of today's youth – me, we don't always check credible sources to get our political information. We get it from those social media sites that have the ability to post whatever they want, true or not true. I feel that we can try and come up with a way to make the youth more interested in trying to find credible sources to look up the information they see on social media. I will say that these sites do help increase our political interest, but now we need to follow that up with sources that they can get correct political information and then because of that be more properly educated on these certain topics.

AnnaFrances Chancellor

Class of 2019

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