Dear Editor,

The use of technology in the education of children is abundant and growing. It is difficult to think of a school that does not have at least a computer lab. Not all, but many schools have more than this to offer for learning children. The use of technology in the classroom is a very important teaching style that continues to shape and mold the children of our world in positive ways.

Teaching with technology involves many different areas. This may include computer games, which actively engages students and increases their enthusiasm towards that particular subject. Studies have found that children have higher success rates and enjoy their language classes more when some sort of technological learning is involved. An example of this is teaching with video. Students in Spanish class for example, may like seeing videos of other people instead of the same teacher every day. This not only goes for language classes, but in any subject. Videos and games “spice up” the class so to speak which can make students more willing to engage in learning.

Another thing children will benefit from is learning to use technology. The fact that students are being taught with it will make them more comfortable to be using it. In today’s world, it is extremely hard to own businesses or work in corporations if you are not advanced in using a computer or softwares on them. Implementing early understanding and involvement in children is only going to help them in the future. Students will learn how to manage the technology around them and understand the importance it can have on the future ahead of them.

Carson Proctor


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