Dear Editor,

It has became apparent to me in light of recent politics, the social media state of our country is taking control of every aspect of our lives, political systems included. It allows people to see the "full story" on issues, and an audience can be easily swayed by what they see on social media websites. Having this information can help tremendously as citizens can now better understand who they are voting for and what they stand for in a new way. Civic engagement is still clearly about how to gain quality by pushing for it in a community either in politics or in a non-political way. I believe the social media world has only enhanced this effort and people everywhere are starting to see the many issues our world is facing today. This is why my group and I have taken on this task to prove social media use is indeed helping civic engagement. We think the more eyes see the problem, the better because we as a world will never all have the same opinion on an issue. If we can all co-mingle and learn as much about the issue as possible, then we can come up with the best compromise.

Samuel Blair

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