Dear Editor,

Over the past semester, I have taken a Media, Community and Citizenship class. This class has brought many issues concerning media to light. At the very end of the semester, we are assigned a project where we can pick our topic and do research over it to present to the class. My group and I chose to do the effects of media multitasking. This has become a major issue with the people in this world. People now have a tendency to look at their phones and read tweets by people they have never met, rather than have a face-to-face conversation with a loved one. In my opinion, it can get out of hand.

While doing research for this project, I found a lot of interesting aspects that relate to media multitasking. One of those is that media can convince people to buy stuff. Technology has become such a big aspect in people's lives that ads pop up when you're searching the web that have something to do with what you searched earlier that day.

Also, media multitasking has affected the attention of children. Children now would rather just look at their phones and pay attention to them, rather than play outside and listen to their parents. Not only has this affected the youth of the world, it also affects the adults. Adults also find it hard to pay attention nowadays because all of the media going on around them.

I suggest that media intake be put to a halt. There has to be something someone can do before media takes over the world.

I hope this brings light to this problem for you too.


Madison Whatley

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