Dear Editor,

More than 730 million people around the world live in extreme poverty. Poverty is a principal cause of hunger, which affects one in nine people.

No person should have to live without access to safe food, water, or shelter. This sentence should not be a political statement, but given the current state of affairs, it has become one.

These are fundamental needs that every person is entitled to, yet this is not a shared perspective by persons in the current administration. The Trump Administration has proposed a 22% cut to the International Affairs Budget for Fiscal Year 2021. The International Affairs Budget provides essential funding for helping the world’s poor, amongst other things.

Aiding the world’s impoverished yields positive results not just for individuals in these circumstances, but the economy. The reduction in poverty and malnutrition rates has resulted in emerging markets for U.S. companies to reach and trade with. Currently, over 45% of all U.S exports are going to developing countries, which creates export-based jobs for those in the United States. The reduction of poverty and hunger, as a result, creates new economic opportunities and improves the United States’ foreign relations.

Another key effect of poverty reduction as mentioned previously is improved foreign relations. If the United States has healthy relationships with other countries, then security and safety domestically and internationally would be improved.

These are just a few of the important reasons to reject the Trump Administration’s proposed budget cuts. I urge readers and congressmen alike to make efforts to protect the International Affairs Budget. By protecting the International Affairs Budget, we further global poverty reduction efforts, boost U.S. job creation and advance our national security interests.

Thank you,

Jessica Gobble 

Senior, Class of 2021


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