Dear Editor,

From researching the topic of children using touch screens and the effects it has on their cognitive capabilities, it has come to my attention that this is a problem that not only we as college students are not aware of the fact it might be affecting us from our exposure to touch screens at a young age but is something that could affect our children that we may not be having too long from now. Children are being introduced to touchscreen and mobile devices at earlier ages than ever before. The issues that stem from this early exposure to touch screens that have been found by researchers include emotional and behavioral issues, child developmental issues, increase in obesity, and a decrease in the amount of sleep children are receiving. Now this may not be affecting us directly since we are not children but I believe we need to be fully aware of these negative effects that touch screens have on children at such a young age so we are more responsible and aware of the consequences it can have when raising our own children one day.

Nicole Teuber

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