Dear Editor,

Video game addiction has begun to become a problem all over the world. Many parents are afraid of their children becoming so dependent on video games, they will develop an addiction to them. These frightened parents are looking for advice on how to keep their children from becoming so dependent on gaming. To prevent these addictions from occurring, parents should be paying close attention to the games their children are playing. (Grffiths & Meredith, 2009) Certain types of games are more addictive than others. Parents should make sure their children have plenty of other activities to take up some of their time so they will not have to spend as much time on games. Monitoring the amount of time a child spends on gaming is crucial. Always be sure to set up limits on the amount of time spent playing video games. After taking all of these precautions, the only thing left to do is pay attention to the kids to see if their attitude begins to change or if they begin to slack on responsibilities like their school work. If children begin to show attitudinal changes, you will need to make them stop playing their video games until they are not dependent on them. Preventing this addiction can be a difficult task, but if you put forth effort and be diligent about it, the addiction will not develop.

Michael Smith

Sport and Recreation Management Major


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