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It is essential to discuss the effect that violent media will have on a child’s internal emotion. A child’s internal emotion would include the child’s anxiety, sadness, and fear.

Pearce and Field began research with the hypothesis that threatening television has an effect on children’s internalizing symptoms. Before completing their study, Pearce and Field examined previous research in that specific field. They noted in previous research there was a variance of children in different studies that were their internal emotions are affected by violent media. The researchers believe the percentage of children affected in different studies is between 30-80 percent. Pearce and Field clarify their three reasons to how they arrived to this percentage range: The difference between experimental and self-reported studies, difference of children’s reactions to violent media based on their age, and development of technology.

The researchers attempt to prove their hypothesis was to examine three separate database searches. Their research concluded that violent media associates with children’s internal emotions. They also conclude the same effect that violent media has with children’s internal emotions also correlates with the child’s external behavior. With this information, Pearce and Field conclude that violent media has a large impact on mental and external behavior.

Clay Kleinebreil


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