During last Sunday's Super Bowl (which I consider one of the most boring games I've ever watched) among many of the commercials played, one found itself in the spotlight as many people around the United States were outraged.

The commercial I'm talking about is of course the Coca-Cola commercial which featured "America the Beautiful".

In short, the commercial viewed several different people from different cultures singing America the Beautiful. It starts with a girl singing in English then some Spanish and Arabic singing chime in, all singing America the Beautiful.

Many people found this offensive because of the fact that other languages were singing an American song that they thought should only be sung in English.

Though I understand how people may be offended, I found the commercial to be touching and meaningful on many different levels.

America is known for their freedom. To be accepting to all cultures and types of people. So why wouldn't we accept this in singing one of our American symbolic songs? In fact, I find it encouraging that people from different cultures would be singing our song through their language. They are essentially admitting their heritage but also admiring America and it's values.

Don't take it the wrong way, trust me, I love America as much as everybody else. But I found the commercial to be inspiring and touching and I think many people are taking offense to this and taking it too seriously.

The goal of the ad (I think) was to show how iconic Coca-Cola has become in America as well as America's diversity and acceptance of other cultures (though, ironically, it seems as if people may not be as accepting as the Coca-Cola marketing department initially thought).

I didn't find anything wrong with the commercial though I think Coca-Cola could have added something in the commercial that specifically noted or perceived how America is the basis of the cultural acceptance they were trying to perceive.

In conclusion, I found the commercial to be great. I actually tweeted "#AmericaisBeautiful" afterwards because I agreed with its message. America is beautiful, and I think we are spending a little too much time criticizing a 30 second commercial that was meant to show America's acceptance.

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