Dear Editor,

While watching popular sports television shows over the past week, it has occurred to me that men vastly outnumber women on this sports media platform. After doing some research, it is clear women are not just underrepresented on this platform, but rather they are underrepresented on all of them. The majority of sports broadcasters, columnists, editors and reporters are all men, even though more women are engaged in sports now than ever before.

The main problem that can be directly attributed to the lack of women in this field is society inherently categorizes sports with males. Dating back a hundred years ago, it was uncommon to see many women participating in sports, as it was not a societal norm. Fast forward a hundred years to 2017, and the circumstances are much different. In this day and age, women represent half of the workforce and therefore should be represented equally in sports media.

Many scholars and everyday citizens have expressed concern about the sports industry being gender unbalanced, but not many have done anything to change it. Despite a few companies making adaptations here and there, the overall industry has barely changed since that of a half a century ago. If we truly do want our society to be unprejudiced, like we say we do, then we need to look at all the great qualities that women possess and incorporate them immediately.

Connor Truitt

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Class of 2019

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