Dear Editor,

Should we stop making romantic movies? Many psychologists are making an argument that they are unhealthy for young girls to watch. They question the idea of whether it will make them idealistic when they are viewing these movies and become confused about the unrealistic expectations that are portrayed.  

When it comes to dating websites, Tinder is quickly becoming the most popular among young adults. Sociologist who study habits and expectations find women still want to be treated “old-school” when it comes to dating, but are using modern tactics to find a significant other.

A professor at UCLA said that media and film can create attitudes. The research indicates that the pop culture has influenced people to desire relationships based on the context they have seen in popular movies. It is difficult to give up on this version of romanticized love, even if we know that it is crazy.  

I love romantic movies just as much as other girls, however, I think that there are significant concerns for young girls. Producers should be aware of the serious implications that these seemingly fun, crazy versions of romance can create. A disclaimer could be added to the beginning of this type of film that will remind viewers that what they are about to see is pure fiction and that the illusion of this type of romance is unlikely to be found in most relationships.

Paige Ledgerwood

Accounting and Finance

Class of 2016

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