FOMO. You might not know what it means, but if you have social media, you've more than likely experienced it.

“Fear Of Missing Out,” has come to describe the feeling of missing out on events or seemingly perfect lives portrayed by people on their social media. This FOMO happens so often that in 2013 it was even added to the Oxford English Dictionary. 

Many studies have shown that social media fuels the feelings of dissatisfaction and disconnection linked to FOMO. There are many ways you can prevent this feeling of FOMO from taking over your life. 

1. Avoid using too much social media, especially when you know it is going to be the cause of your FOMO. This will also help you to become more productive. Try turning off your notifications for the night.

2. Spend more time actually being with your friends rather than communicating with them through social media. This will help you build more meaningful relationships.

3. Stop making comparisons and be yourself. Realize that no one has a perfect life 

4. Be okay with staying in. Pick and choose the outings you go to and realize nobody can do it all.

5. Go out of your comfort zone sometimes and say "yes" to new opportunities.

-Caroline Cooner

Sophomore, Communications Major

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