Dear Editor,

The recent presidential election brought my attention to the amount of political satire encompassing our media. It has made me aware of people’s oblivion to real facts and focus on the humorous memes of the presidential candidates.

Individuals who do not know much about politics are more likely to choose satirical news instead of real news. This is both good and bad. It is good because at least they’re becoming somewhat aware of the politician’s policies; however, it is bad because the news they are receiving is often dramatized and not 100 percent accurate. Satirical news also confuses viewers with no background of political knowledge, and may make them even less involved in politics.

It is important to inform people of policies and upcoming local and national election dates. The people deserve real news and good, quality information on their politicians and government. Political satire is important to get people interested but it needs to be followed by real information.

Madeleine Reed

B.A. General Business

Class 2017

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